Specialist Dental Practice - Membership (SDP)

Transitional Phase for Fellowship or Membership in SDP
The Council of the College recently approved the Handbook – Membership and Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice. 

A transitional phase is in force where candidates that submit applications for Fellowship or Membership examinations or assessments will be assessed for eligibility under the previous guidelines outlined in the Appendix to the Regulations – Specialist Dental Practice until 1 April 2017

This transitional phase applies to assessment of eligibility only and the revised examination case report requirements, examination structure and guidelines will be in force from 1 April 2017. 

For a copy of the Appendix to the Regulations – Specialist Dental Practice which is in place until 1 April 2017 click here.

Please contact Rachel Introna, Examinations and Assessment Officer at racheli@racds.org for further information.

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The Handbook contains detailed information regarding Membership and Fellowship in SDP including:

  • Entry requiremets
  • Application process
  • Examination format and content
To obtain a copy of the Handbook click here.


To view a copy of the exams and assessments timetable click here.

MRACDS(SDP)  info@racds.org

  Membership in SDP
Membership in Specialist Dental Practice is granted in recognition of a candidate's standing as a specialist in their

Candidates may sit for the Membership examination in a Specialist Dental Practice discipline within 6 months of completion, or following completion of, an approved University program or an equivalent course and qualification as approved by the relevant Board of Studies.

Assessment of candidates is conducted by the RACDS or in conjunction with another institution which has a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the RACDS.

After attaining Membership (SDP), candidates can advance to
Fellowship (SDP). 

Conjoint university arrangements
RACDS has a MoU with the dental schools of four Australian Universities - The University of Sydney, The University of QueenslandThe University of Western Australia and University of Otago

Candidates who complete programs at these universities
may apply for Membership examination conjointly with their exit examination from those universities.

University of Sydney         University of Queensland  

University of Western Australia          Otago University

The College has a conjoint arrangement with the Faculty of Dental Surgeons of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The conjoint examination MOrth/MRACDS(Orth) is held twice per year - June in Edinburgh and November in Adelaide.

The College also has a conjoint arrangement with the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong in the Specialist Dental Practice discipline of Dental Public Health (Community Dentistry).

How to Apply
The first step is to 
subscribe to the RACDS. Find out everything you need to know about Specialist Dental Practice pathways and examinations in the Handbook-Membership and Fellowship in SDP. Please ensure you read this document before applying and contact RACDS if you have any questions. We have a dedicated education team to assist you with your enquiries.

Applications for the conjoint examination can be made by submitting a MSDP03 – Enrolment for Conjoint Membership Examination.

To have your eligibility assessed for a College Membership examination, you will need to submit a MSDP02 – Assessment of Eligibility for Membership by Examination.

If assessed as eligible, you will then be invited to submit a MSDP04 – Enrolment for Membership Examination for your chosen examination.