Who are we?

                   RACDS 3000 global  members

Our Vision
To enhance oral health in the community through respected international leadership in the provision of postgraduate education, professional development and educational qualifications in dentistry. 

Who are we?

RACDS provides the opportunity for postgraduate study in both general and specialist dentistry, training and qualifications, and continuing professional development through our Membership and Fellowship programs.


Our qualifications are recognised internationally

Global reach
We have an active presence throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. Our Members and Fellows live and work in all corners of the globe.

High standards 
We strive to adhere to high educational standards. We have conjoint arrangements with four of Australia’s top University dental schools.

Support research
We encourage and are engaged in research studies through our Education Board and Boards of Studies in general and specialist dental practice.

Promote dental health
We promote optimal dental health care and treatment in the community through advanced education.

We are accountable to the Board which comprises RACDS Members and Fellows.  We have 9 active regional centres and committees.

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