Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Our Next CPD Class

Module Infection Control
Presenter Dr Brendan White
Date Friday, 17 May 2019
Time 10:00am  5:00pm
  Basic and advanced up-to-date infection control knowledge is imperative to best dental practice. This module has a primary focus on protocols and current developments in infection control in the practice of dentistry and the responsibilities of dental practitioners and their clinical support staff.
  Module Practice Management, Law, Ethics and Risk Management
  Presenters A/Prof John Dale
Dr Alexander Holden
Ms Marianne Nicolle
Ms Dominique Egan
  Date Saturday, 18 May 2019
Time 9:00am – 4:00pm
It is important that dental practitioners are aware of the national laws and legal requirements surrounding dentistry. This module will concentrate on the statutory regulations, consent in dental treatment and basic techniques and procedures to ensure patients’ legal and ethical rights are consistently being met.


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A lifelong commitment to specialised education and skill development

RACDS understands that your specialised knowledge needs to stay relevant and up to date. Through its education programs the College is a key body tracking changing trends and directions in the profession.  Ensuring your skills meet current practice standards and that you are alert to progressive research and clinical technique is part of our specialised service. Participation in our exclusive RACDS programs is suited to university post graduate study and all dental careers including private practice, government health service, academia and the defence forces.

CPD Requirements

The RACDS expected commitment to CPD reflects the prestigious expertise associated with Membership and Fellowship of the College.  This equates to having higher expectations from yourself and your peers regarding personal and professional development in your chosen field and communicating this achievement to your patients.  
RACDS expects:  

  • Completion of over 300 hours of CPD over a 5-year period
  • At least one third (100hrs) of these hours must be spent undertaking ‘verifiable’ CPD (i.e. you must have evidence to prove the CPD was undertaken/completed) and the remainder can be ‘general’ CPD.

Fellows and Members committed to the RACDS's guideline should expect to undertake a minimum of 60 hours of CPD in a year. 
Refer to the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development or the Dental Council of New Zealand’s website for more information on minimum CPD requirements.

Candidates enrolled in the Membership in General Dental Practice program (MRACDS(GDP)) are required to undertake a minimum of 120 verifiable hours of CPD as part of the program requirements.


For further information on CPD for OMS you can download the CPD4OMS Information Manual.

CPD Tracker

Tracking you CPD is important as in many jurisdictions CPD is mandatory requirement of registration.  As such, activities must be recorded and retained by the individual. With the introduction of the RACDS Learning portal, this CPD Tracker will be closed down on 31 December 2015. Fellows, Members and Candidates will be able to continue to view their CPD from here.

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