MRACDS(GDP) Viva Voce 2021 (23 July)

This enrolment is for currently enrolled Candidates in the MRACDS(GDP) Program seeking to sit the viva voce examination.

Enrolments are only open for current College Subscribers, Associates and Affiliate members. If your subscription has lapsed, please sign up for Affiliate Membership.

Applications Close: Thursday, 24 June

Important Notes:
1. In order to be eligible to present for the examination, Candidates must have completed all SAQ Assessments, CPD requirements and submitted all Case Reports. For more details on the requirements of the examination, please see the MRACDS(GDP) Assessment Policy available on the College website.
2. The examination enrolment fee may be refunded as per the RACDS Refund Policy which is available on the College website.
3. Enrolment is valid only for the examination sitting to which the Candidate has been admitted.
4. An examination sitting may be cancelled or postponed if less than three (3) Candidates are enrolled.
5.The College reserves the right to amend the timing and dates of examinations whenever conditions warrant. Where examinations are cancelled or postponed, a full refund of the enrolment fee will be issued. The College takes no responsibility for any other costs incurred by the Candidate.

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Last day to register: 24/06/2021