Membership in Primary Dental Sciences

Why Membership?

Membership in PDS demonstrates that a practitioner has a breadth and comprehension of high-level scientific knowledge, relevant to the practice of dentistry.

Membership with the College grants you several rights including professional recognition and privileges such as;

  • Full voting and membership rights
  • Ability to stand for Board election
  • Ability to join College committees such as the Regional Committees
  • Use of post-nominal MRACDS(PDS)
  • Join a network of like-minded professionals
  • One step closer to Fellowship
  • Recognised for hard work in completing Primary Dental Sciences Examination

How do I become a Member in Primary Dental Sciences?

You need to successfully complete the Primary Dental Sciences (PDS) Examination. To register for the examination you must hold Affiliate Membership with the College.

The Primary Dental Sciences Examination assesses theoretical knowledge in the six (6) basic science subjects that are the foundation of sound clinical dental practice.


  1. Passed the Primary Dental Sciences Examination (formerly Primary Examination)
  2. Hold current registration (in good standing) in your country of residence

There are no minimum experience requirements.

There are no restrictions on how long ago an individual passed the Primary Dental Sciences Examination (formerly Primary Examination) to apply for Membership in PDS.

If an individual passed the Primary Dental Sciences Examination (formerly Primary Examination) but no longer holds current registration as a dentist, they can not apply for Membership in PDS.

How to apply for Membership (PDS)?

  1. Complete the Admission to Fellowship/Membership form.
  2. Pay the admission fee during this process – refer to College fees
  3. Await confirmation of Admission to Membership from the College.

Please note that in line with all post-nominal entitlements of the College, the use of the MRACDS(PDS), is contingent on maintaining your Membership of the College and the payment of an annual fee. For annual fees please click here.

For any enquiries please email [email protected] or contact the College Office on +61 2 9262 6044.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are no restrictions on how long ago you passed the Primary Examination to be eligible to apply for MRACDS(PDS) however you must meet the eligibility criteria.

No, you do not need to attain Membership in Primary Dental Sciences before pursuing Specialist Membership however you do need to meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant Specialist Membership pathways. For more information click here.

Individuals who have been granted Membership in Primary Dental Sciences are entitled to use MRACDS(PDS). This does not permit you to use MRACDS(GDP) as this is strictly for individuals who complete the MRACDS(GDP) Program.

Individuals can display postnominals from both general and specialist streams concurrently, but not MRACDS and FRACDS from the same stream for example, FRACDS(GDP) supersedes MRACDS(PDS). The list below provides examples of post-nominals that can be jointly displayed.




No, the Board of Directors admit individuals to a category of Membership or Fellowship after reviewing and approving their eligibility for the postnominal to which they are applying for.

You will be required to apply for MRACDS(PDS) and pay a once off admission fee however you will only pay one annual fee.

No. Candidates who are granted an exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination are not eligible to apply for MRACDS(PDS).