Our Logo

RACDS was provided with a Royal Coat of Arms in 1972, which now sits at the top of these web pages and is an integral part of the identity of the College.  Each coat of arms is unique to an organisation or individual. Historically, the heraldic design is on a shield and is used to cover, protect and identify the wearer. A coat of arms usually consists of a shield, supporters, a crest and a motto.

Significant features of the RACDS Coat of Arms include:

  • The shield depicts a leather covered book, symbolising learning and is topped by a Royal crowned demi-lion holding a Dental Probe between its claws
  • The shield is supported on one side by a unicorn holding a tilting spear flying a purple banner charged with five stars representing the southern cross constellation; and on the other side by a Dragon also holding  a tilting spear flying a banner of the RACDS depicting the College crest
  • The supports and shield stand on a grassy mount strewn with opium poppy (papever somniferum) symbolising the use of pain management
  • The College’s crest comprises a seven point star overlaid by an ancient dental probe and a flaming torch
  • The College’s motto is Vincat Scientia Morbos – let knowledge conquer disease