Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice

Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice

Candidates for Fellowship (SDP) are required to have a broad and deep theoretical knowledge with clinical application in all aspects of the Specialist Dental Practice.

Fellowship in a Specialist Dental Practice discipline represents the assessment and peer review of a candidate at an advanced level. This follows the completion of a period of specialist experience gained after the completion of a higher university qualification in that discipline. It is seen as a continuation of learning and professional development in that discipline.

Prior to applying for assessment of eligibility to present for the Fellowship Examination in Specialist Dental Practice, a specialist must have:

  • Attained the award of Membership (SDP) in that Specialist Dental Practice discipline
  • Completed the requisite period for specialist practice

As part of the Assessment of Eligibility, candidates will be asked to submit a Clinical Logbook. Specific requirements can be found in the SDP Handbook.


Assessment of specialists for Fellowship is conducted through an examination which includes submission of case reports and a viva voce examination.

To have your eligibility assessed for a College Fellowship examination, you will need to submit an FSDP01 – Assessment of Eligibility for Fellowship Examination.

If assessed as eligible, you will then be invited to submit a FSDP02 – Enrolment for Fellowship Examination for your chosen examination.

Please refer to the College Fees webpage

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the Fellowship examination candidates must satisfy completion of the following:

  • At least five years of specialist/restricted experience in the relevant discipline

The College Fellowship examinations are held annually in August. The location will be at the College offices in the Sydney CBD. It is likely you would be required to attend in person for 1 day.

The cut-off date to submit an application for Assessment of Eligibility is 1 April. This leaves enough time for the College to make an assessment of your qualifications and experience.

The form you need to submit is the FSDP01 – Assessment of Eligibility to sit the Fellowship Examination in Specialist Dental Practice. The fees do change each year, so please refer to the College Fees.

As part of the Assessment of Eligibility to sit the Fellowship Examination form, you will be required to submit a CV and Clinical Logbook which details your specialist experience and achievements. See the SDP Handbook for specific requirements.

If your Assessment of Eligibility application if approved, you will be invited to enrol in the examination and submit case reports by 1 June. The FSDP02 – Enrolment for the Fellowship Examination form and fee applies.

Each candidate is responsible for covering the costs associated with travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred while attending Sydney for an examination. Attendance will be no more than 1 day and all other parts of the process can be completed online. The College will be happy to provide general advice on location, accommodation and transport.

The Fellowship Exam is set at an advanced level and will require a broad and deep knowledge of the profession both theoretically and clinically. A wide knowledge of international literature will be expected. The exam consists of a three-hour peer review in the form of a viva voce based on previously submitted case reports.

A letter will be sent to candidates by email within a week of the exam.