Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Prize

Initiated by Professor Kenneth J.G. Sutherland AM of Western Australia, as recognition for the candidate at the Final Examination who gained the highest marks in General Dentistry. The prize is a College Medal and A$500.

2020Kate McElroy
2019No prize awarded
2018Annabelle Shalders
2017Joshua Ch’ng
2016Laura Ichim
2015No prize awarded
2014Ching Ching Yew
2013Not awarded
2012Amanda Hales
2011Adam Keyes Tilley
2010Emma Morelli
2009Tamara Warren
2008No prize awarded
2007David Manton
2006Suez Yu Hang Lam
2005Nessrin A. Taha
2004Theresia Rini Sudjalim
2003No prize awarded
2002Peter Mark Readman
2001Juliette Maree Scott
2000Michael Nicholas Mandikos

Christensen Prize

Offered to the candidate with the highest marks at the Primary Examination. The prize consists of a Medal and a monetary award of A$500.

2019 Imogen Scott
2018Calum Fisher
2017Matheel Alrawas
John Biun
Neha Sood
2016Samuel Shaw
2015Michael Skilbeck
Jason Chew
2014Rushil Patel
2013Marina Kamel
2012Poppy Horne
2011Braydon Mitchell Patterson
Isaac Liau
2010Kim Tsao
2009Ashley Freeman
2008Siobhan Gannon
Michael Farland
2007Ricky Kumar
2006Mithulan Sriskandarajah
2005Thuc-An Le Tat
2004Vera Zirojevic
2003Geoffrey Russell Young
2002Matthew Tsun Hin Chan
2001Nathan John Vujcich
2000Andrew John Pepicelli

Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Membership Award

The inaugural Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Membership Award is for the candidate/s who, in the opinion of the Board of Examiners, demonstrated overall excellence in the MRACDS General Dental Practice programme. The prize is a College Medal and A$500.

2017Kelsey Barker
2015Matthew Albert Wei Ting
Michael Toan Lam Nguyen

Richard Manning King Award

Established in 2019 and awarded to the candidate who gains the highest mark in the Fellowship Final Exam GDP in Paediatric Dentistry.

2020Cheuk Sze Tracy Lee

Emerging Lecturer Award

Sponsored by Colgate and presented every two years. The prize is A$2850.

2018Jilen Patel
2016 – 2015Sarah Ting
2014 – 2013Ashim Adhikari

RACDS Braham Pearlman Award

The RACDS Braham Pearlman Award is offered to final year dental students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in clinical dentistry at Fiji National University. The prize of A$500 is presented annually.

2018Dilan Arun Gohil
2017Kartika Kajal
2016Sione H Tongia
2015Harshana Shika Singh
2014Reginald Arvind Kumar

RACDS Academic Prize

The RACDS Academic Prize is offered to final year dental students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. From 2016, the prize value is A$750.

Charles Sturt UniversityStephanie Hollis
Griffith UniversityDanika Tran
James Cook UniversityFay Hannelore Schowalter
University of Hong KongYee Shan LIN
University of MelbourneMiss Xin Wang
Cara Fitt
Nicola Wong
University of Otago NZRebecca Yi
Shay Stevenson
Hetal Shukla
University of SydneyMohamed Halane
Nicole Azizian
University of Western AustraliaDaniel Zhang

Charles Sturt UniversityAlexander Buckley
Griffith UniversityNatalie Taoum
James Cook UniversityGeorge Constantinos Laparidis
La Trobe UniversityHse Ming (Nicole) Chong
University of AdelaideBrooke Beath
University of Hong KongPing NGAI
Jasmine WONG
University of MelbourneYulin Weng
Madeleine Duff
Thomas Young
Jessica Lu
University of Otago NZGeorge Hermans
Lucy Oldfield
Henry Shaw
University of SydneySinjeong Lee
Shirley Chi Yee Tam
University of Western AustraliaDaniel Zhang

Charles Sturt UniversityMark Bechara
Griffith UniversityDavinder Singh
James Cook UniversitySenuri Amaraweera
La Trobe UniversityGidon Fixler
University of AdelaideMichael Previn
University of Hong KongKueng Chun YIN
Chu Sin PO
University of MelbourneAimee Liu
Kaya Kapusta
Kevin Shen Yee Lee
Melissa Jong
Sankar Manchella
University of Otago NZRebecca Phemister
Bradley Chin
Ariana Horsley
University of SydneyBalina Bath
Holly Booker
Jessica Aneja
University of Western AustraliaJuliana Ng

Griffith UniversityAlyssa Karam
James Cook UniversityNicole Louise Stott
La Trobe UniversityMichael Derkacz
University of AdelaideJessie Tan
University of Hong KongCY YUNG
University of MelbourneSamuel Loh
Daniel Beteramia
Rubia Carakitsos
University of Otago NZGrace Morrison
Andrew Lamb
University of SydneyVania Chow
Jack Huynh
Miree Cho
Shota Shimada
University of Western AustraliaLisa Otway

Griffith UniversityHasan Maki
James Cook UniversityIngrid Blomberg
La Trobe UniversityPriyanka Kotu
University of AdelaideEmma Freeman
University of Hong KongHiu Hung LEE
Cheuk Lam TSE
University of MelbourneSung Suk Oh
University of QueenslandLily Andersen
University of SydneyYunyang Wu
Vincent Cheung
Dale Quoc Hoang Do
Benjamin Chih-I Chang
University of Western AustraliaBolun Zhang

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