Fellowship in General Dentist Practice

Fellowship in General Dentist Practice

Fellowship is the highest academic level of achievement with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

A Fellow of the College:

  • Maintains high ethical standards, is a role model and demonstrates leadership in the profession.
  • Is a highly skilled and proficient practitioner with comprehensive experience in general dental practice.
  • Has significant depth and breadth of scientific knowledge and comprehension of evidence-based practice gained from enquiry, professional development and clinical experience.
  • Completed rigorous examination and assessment, in which they displayed critical evaluation, integration of this knowledge and understanding of contemporary dental evidence into their clinical practice.

How do I become a Fellow in GDP?

You will first need to apply for an Affiliate Membership to the College.

Then you can choose one of the three pathways to Fellowship in GDP: (1) Primary Examination, (2) Exemption or (3) the MRACDS(GDP) Program.

The Orientation Course is an intensive two week preparatory course which will prime you for the Primary Exam and the first step on the way to Fellowship with the College.

Our Fellows and Members have attained the highest standard of education and recognition within the profession. The RACDS education programs provide world standard, evidence based education, training, examination and assessment. Becoming a Fellow can advance your career, provides you with outstanding CPD opportunities and promotes patient and peer recognition.

The Primary Exam consists of study and examination in the areas of Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology. The aim is for candidates to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of the basic sciences and, importantly, their relationship to clinical dental practice.

Read more about the Primary Exam

The Final Examination Web-Based Education (WBE) Program modules are designed to help Candidates prepare for the written and viva voce components of the Final Examination for Fellowship (GDP).

Each WBE module offers Candidates the opportunity to demonstrate development across five (5) domains: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Comprehensive Patient-Centred Care; Humanistic Approach (Professionalism, Ethics and Communication); Evidence-Based Dentistry; and, Integration of Knowledge to a patient case. Further, WBE encourages Candidates to engage in feedback and self-reflection to improve understanding, performance and confidence.

Candidates are also encouraged to consider enrolling for the Preparation for Fellowship Success. CPD hours will be awarded for this program.

The College is proud to offer candidates a unique, comprehensive half day online course to maximise success and grow confidence for passing the Final Examination for Fellowship.

This course provides you with a unique opportunity to work with examiners, experienced facilitators and other candidates to facilitate your success.


Sessions will also be offered on how to pass the written sections with sample exam questions and answers provided.

Read more about the Preparation for Fellowship Success

The Final Exam assesses clinical and theoretical knowledge in an experiential context, over a broad base of general dental practice. The exam comprises both written papers and a viva voce. The Final Exam focus is on the candidate’s ability to effectively communicate knowledge which demonstrates they can:

  • Make informed clinical assessment and analysis
  • Consider a diagnosis with evidence of the application of diagnostic or surgical sieves and the selection of appropriate treatment modalities
  • Demonstrate the ability to justify the management options with reference to current literature and evidence based practice.

Read more about the Final Examination in GDP.

Fellowship Pathway

Fellowship Pathway


Primary ExaminationOverseas ResidentAustralian Resident
Orientation Course
Enrolment – all subjects (member rate)$3,278.00*$3,278.00*
Enrolment – all subjects (non-member rate)$4,216.00*$4,216.00*
Enrolment – per subjects (member rate)$545.00*$545.00*
Enrolment – per subjects (non-member rate)$707.00*$707.00*
Primary Examination
Enrolment – all subjects$2,596.00$2,596.00
Enrolment – per subject$601.00$601.00
Application for exemption from sitting the Primary Examination$1,200.00$1,200.00
Appeal fee$6,108.00*$6,108.00*
1. All fees are in $AUD.
2. Fees marked with asterisk (*) denote GST inclusive, otherwise fees are GST free.
3. For more information, please refer to the RACDS General Dental Practice (GDP) Handbook and other relevant policies (including refunds) which are available on the website.


Final ExaminationOverseas ResidentAustralian Resident
Preparation for Fellowship Success
Final Examination
Enrolment for unsuccessful subscribed candidate
– Part l or Part ll only
Appeal fee$6,108.00*$6,108.00*
Admission to Fellowship$327.27$360.00*
Annual fee (FY 1/7/21 to 30/6/22)$642.00$706.00*
Annual fee (FY 1/7/20 to 30/6/21)$636.00$700.00*
1. All fees are in $AUD.
2. Fees marked with asterisk (*) denote GST inclusive, otherwise fees are GST free.
3. The Preparation for Fellowship Success workshop will be held over three (3) days.
4. The annual fee is payable on the 1st day of July each year. All unpaid annual fees by the 31st of August each year will attract a monthly late payment surcharge. Members or Fellows who are elected to Membership or Fellowship during the year will pay a pro rata annual fee based on the whole months remaining in the financial year (FY).
5. Board approved 1/3 reduction for members residing outside of Australia and NZ, for the 2021/22 financial year.
6. For more information, please refer to the RACDS General Dental Practice (GDP) Handbook and other relevant policies (including refunds) which are available on the website.