Statement of Intent

Our Vision

The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) will continue as a global leader in the provision of postgraduate education, professional development and educational qualifications in dentistry, thereby enhancing the oral health of the community. The RACDS will prioritise awareness of the specific oral health needs of Indigenous peoples.

Our Mission

The RACDS will promote professional excellence in dentistry through the provision of evidence-based dental education, professional development and examination, and provide an educational home for dentists at all stages of their careers.

The College is focused on achieving three main outcomes, which include:

  • International excellence in education
  • Recognised leader in the dental community
  • Improved oral health in the community

To achieve these, we will focus on four strategic areas as well as build our internal capability. These strategic areas include:

  • Growing and supporting the College community
  • Enhancing education, leadership and professionalism
  • Strengthening organisational excellence
  • Improving stakeholder engagement

A new skills-based Board supported by a larger Advisory Council has been introduced to better reflect a wide diversity of College membership and ensure Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and Māori representation.

Indigenous Health

The College will focus on prioritising awareness of the oral health needs of Indigenous peoples, through;

  • Developing an engagement plan informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori organisations
  • Maintaining relationships with organisations such as Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA), Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education (LIME Network), Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand, ACODS (The Australasian Council of Dental Schools)
  • Facilitating mechanisms for the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia and Māori of New Zealand and their representative bodies in the design and delivery of any cultural curriculum development.
  • Supporting the recruitment and retention for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia and Māori of New Zealand to join the College and programs.
  • Monitoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia and Māori of New Zealand membership within the College.


In the delivery of our vision, we will demonstrate:

  • Leadership – upholding professional and ethical values
  • Respect – embracing diversity and striving for equity
  • Patient focus – working with Members, Fellows and candidates to optimise patient oral health outcomes, especially for vulnerable and socially disadvantaged groups
  • Excellence – performing to and upholding high standards