Exemption from the Primary Examination

Exemptions from the Primary Examination

Candidates who have completed a University higher degree in research or a degree leading to a specialist qualification in the health sciences which is no less than two (2) years full time study or its equivalent may be eligible for an exemption from the Primary Examination.

If you are granted exemption from the Primary Examination, then you must sit and pass the Final Examination to be awarded FRACDS(GDP).

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Documentation that the College requires in order to apply for exemption from the Primary Examination:

  • a current financial member of the College (eg Associate member)
  • completion of Exemption form for the Primary Examination
  • most updated Certificate of Registration to practice in your jurisdiction (must be verified)
  • certificate of University BDS Qualification (must be verified)
  • certificate of University postgraduate Master’s Degree qualification (must be verified)
  • clear proof that the postgraduate qualification was two years, was full-time and the start and finish dates (if the university cannot provide the above information they must be contacted and advised of this)
  • a two year postgraduate program can be: Masters, PhD or DClinDent.

Fellowship Pathway

The Final Examination is an assessment of clinical and theoretical knowledge in an experiential context, over a broad base of general dental practice. The level of expectation is specifically set at the experienced general practitioner level and not the specialist level. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a greater breadth of knowledge about general dental practice and a greater depth of knowledge about specialist dental practice than the average general dental practitioner.

Upon successful completion of the Final Examination, candidates are eligible for Fellowship in General Dental Practice. The use of the post-nominals FRACDS(GDP) is granted, which confers international credibility. Fellowship is a prestigious achievement and recognition of knowledge and skills to practice clinical dentistry to the highest standards.

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Maximise your performance in the Final Examination for Fellowship.

The College is proud to offer candidates a course to maximise success and grow confidence for passing the Final Examination for Fellowship. Preparation for Fellowship Success is held yearly and offers continuing professional development (CPD) points.

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