Exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination

Candidates who have completed a University higher degree in research or a degree leading to a specialist qualification in the health sciences which is no less than two (2) years full time study or its equivalent may be eligible for an exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination.

If you are granted exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination, you must still pass the Fellowship Examination to be awarded Fellowship with the College and use of post-nominals FRACDS(GDP). Candidates granted an exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination will not be eligible to apply for Membership in Primary Dental Sciences – MRACDS(PDS).

How to Apply?

  1. Apply for Affiliate Membership (unless you are a current subscribed member).
  2. Ensure you have the documentation required for lodging the application – refer to list below
  3. Please ensure you are aware of the fee involved in submitting an application. See fees on Membership-PDS tab here.
  4. Click Apply Now

For more information, please refer to the GDP Handbook or email [email protected].

Terms & Conditions

  • 60% of the application fee will be refunded if the application is unsuccessful, as per the RACDS refund policy, available on the College website
  • Applications will not be processed unless all appropriate supporting documentation is attached
  • Candidates who have submitted an Exemption Application are permitted to enrol for the following Fellowship Examination for Fellowship (GDP) on a provisional basis but are not able to present for the Examination unless the Exemption Application has been approved.
  • Applications for exemption can take 4 to 6 weeks to process so please allow enough time between submission of your Exemption application and the close of enrolments for the Fellowship Examination (GDP). Provisional Fellowship Examination enrolments will not be fully processed (i.e. fees charged) unless the Exemption Application is approved.

Documentation to Apply

Prior to applying for exemption from the Primary Dental Sciences Examination, please ensure you have the following documentation ready:

  • Certificate of University Dentistry Qualification (must be certified)
  • Certificate of University postgraduate qualification – Masters, PHD or DClinDent (must be certified)
  • Proof that the postgraduate qualification was two years full-time or equivalent including the start and finish dates

Click here for information on requirements for certified documents.

Fellowship in GDP

Fellowship Examination in General Dental Practice

The Fellowship Examination (GDP) is an assessment of clinical and theoretical knowledge in an experiential context, over a broad base of general dental practice. The level of expectation is specifically set at the experienced general practitioner level and not the specialist level.

Upon successful completion of the Fellowship Examination (GDP), candidates are eligible for Fellowship in General Dental Practice. The use of the post-nominals FRACDS(GDP) is granted, which confers international credibility. Fellowship is a prestigious achievement and recognition of knowledge and skills to practice clinical dentistry to the highest standards.

Read more about Fellowship Examination in General Dental Practice

Preparation for the Fellowship Success Workshop

The Preparation for Fellowship Success (PFS) is an optional online preparatory course which aims to maximise success and boost your confidence in passing the Fellowship Examination in General Dental Practice to achieve Fellowship with the College.

It is highly recommended that candidates enrolled or planning to sit the Fellowship Examination to register for the PFS.