Primary Examination (GDP) 2021

The Primary Examination consists of study and examination in the areas of: Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology. The aim is for candidates to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of the basic sciences and more importantly, their relationship to clinical dental practice.

The exam is in two parts:

  • six (6) two-hour written papers with two subjects scheduled on each of the three consecutive days
  • viva voce examinations of ten (10) minutes in duration are conducted in each of the six (6) subjects.

Applications have been extended:

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Written and Viva Voce Examination Dates:
Written Examinations:

  • 29 November 2021 to 1 December 2021

Viva Voce Examinations*:

  • 7 December to 10 December 2021 – Australian, New Zealand and other international candidates
  • 11 December 2021 – Malaysian and Hong Kong candidates

*While we endeavour to schedule candidates according to their preferred date, please ensure you are available for all viva voce examination dates listed above.

Now 100% online

Successful candidates with a dental qualification will be eligible to proceed to the Final Examination for Fellowship.

Important notes:

  1. Candidates are required to hold membership with RACDS prior to enrolling – apply for Affiliate Membership now. If you hold an active Subscription you are eligible to apply.
  2. Candidates are required to submit a profile photo before checkout. The photo needs to be with a light/white background and under 5MB.
  3. Candidates must make themselves available for all days of viva voce examinations. A timetable will be released approximately three (3) weeks prior to the examinations.
  4. Candidates who pass at least four (4) subjects in a single sitting will be given credit for three years the subjects satisfactorily completed.
  5. Candidates who do not have subject credits are required to present for all six (6) subjects at the examination.
  6. The examination enrolment fee may be refunded as per the RACDS Refund Policy.
  7. Enrolment is valid only for the examination sitting to which the candidate has been admitted.
  8. The College reserves the right to otherwise amend the timing and dates of examinations whenever conditions warrant. Where examinations are cancelled or postponed, a full refund of the examination enrolment fee will be issued. The College takes no responsibility for any other costs incurred by the candidate.
  9. All prices are in AUD.
  10. Each registered ticket is valid for one person only. No split or shared registrations.
  11. Virtual event/program access details are provided for the registered attendee only and are not to be shared.

    Declaration: By enrolling, I hereby apply to sit as a candidate for the Primary Examination. I understand that:

    • Candidate communication will be primarily by email and it is my responsibility to provide a valid email address and carefully read the information sent to me
    • I must be contactable by phone and email during the examination period in case of any changes to the timetable; and
    • Biometric data, recordings and other personal data will be collected and stored by Third Parties for examination integrity.

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    Last day to register: 17/10/2021